Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Three countries in one afternoon

Last weekend, I was in KLU, where I swam in my favourite lake twice. Strandbad Klagenfurt seems to have found a new corporate sponsor, Tui Fly, judging from the omnipresent yellow banners, sunshades and baseball caps. My Mum suggested writing a letter to whoever is in charge with the headline "Tui ist pfui" (Tui is yukky).

On Saturday, we drove to Kranjska Gora with my maternal granny who loves to eat calamari prepared the Slovenian way. After lunch we drove to a tiny lake nearby which was very picturesque indeed if not particularly suitable for elderly people with walking frames:

little Slovenian lake (onemorehandbag)On the way back we made the usual detour to Tarvisio which used to be the hot place to shop for Italian fashion when I was a kid but has considerably lost in attraction since then. Back then, if someone would turn up in school with their new Tarvisio (or Udine) bought jeans or sweatshirt, the first thing the rest of us would do was try to determine whether it had been bought at the market (cue: derisive smile) or in one of the cool shops like Benetton or Sisley (envy!).


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