Friday, June 13, 2008

while the rest of the city was watching soccer

...the Pampered Princess, Snow White, Frida and myself were in the cinema:
SatC in Vienna (onemorehandbag)I'm not asking you to guess which of the two films we saw. Little hint - it also had to do with 4 ladies. My verdict - nice and feelgood (with the occasional tear-jerker moment) but I was truly shocked how much the protagonists, with the exception of Charlotte, had aged since the last episode of the series. And I don't assume there was no make-up involved. Plot-wise, there were no surprises or unexpected twists, really. It was...nice, but not really the kind of film I know I will watch on the big screen again.

When we emerged from the cinematic dark at half ten like deers in the headlights, we were almost bulldozed down by soccer-fans marching past the cinema. Judging from the expressions on their faces, the Austrians couldn't have done that badly, we thought. Frida stopped a girl with red-white-red stripes on her cheeks and asked her how "we" had done. It turned out the match against Poland had ended in a 1:1 draw, meaning that we will play the arch-enemy, Germany, on Monday. On the subway home, I experienced a bit of the beer-fuelled enthusiasm first hand. I was squeezed between Austrians and (second generation) Poles chanting loudly, glad I only had to travel 4 stops and could get off before I turned deaf from people screeching in my ears.


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