Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Don't say that reading women's magazines is not an act of altruism...

In the latest (real, offline) edition of one of the magazines* I regularly read, Brigitte, there was a story about Kiva, a project that connects potential private loan-givers with people who wouldn't be eligible for normal microloans by banks, etc. By loaning somebody $25 (or more) you can help someone in a developing country or another area of the world less privileged than ours buy stock for their little shop, build community centers or improve infrastructure in their village. I chose one of the entrepreneurs, Pablina Campuzano from Caacupe, Paraguay, who according to her profile needed a loan "to buy merchandise such as cookies, sugar, yerba (tea), coffee, all times of drinks, meat, oil" . As someone only too willing to buy merchandise, I had a certain affinity for retail...
* I am a magazine-junkie but not a hoarder of paper, which is why I recycle mags, i.e. distribute them among friends and family after having read them myself. Very environmentally-friendly and economical.
Regular glossies:
UK Marie Claire (bought regularly) and other British mags bought when in the UK (I love the free gifts that are, alas, always removed before shipping them overseas): given to the Pampered Princess
Austrian edition of Flair (subscription), Wienerin (subscription) and Brigitte: given to my Mum who then gives them either to my maternal Granny or her cleaning lady.
Jolie, Myself (A5 version often bought for travel) and any (trashy) magazines I might get on planes: given to the Mermaid.


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