Monday, June 02, 2008

Room for one more. Or two

En route to a birthday party in Lower Austria on Saturday, I stopped at Leoville, before it closes down for good. Apart from a skirt and a pair of shoes I also purchased - surprise! - a handbag, which I find goes very well indeed with the retro silk wrap-dress I bought in New York back in February. Much too flimsy and summery to be worn right away, but perfect for the 30° heatwave we're having at the moment.Saturday bag (onemorehandbag) Speaking of handbags - it's interesting that once you are known for cultivating a certain borderline-unhealthy habit people repeatedly tend to ask you the same question. In my case, it's "Where on earth do you keep all those bags of yours?" Easy, dear reader, easy, once you have a whole wardrobe for your collection. Plus a minor "branch" at your parents for the (temporarily) less loved items of your possession.


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