Thursday, July 10, 2008

avoiding the bulge

Among the many things I like buying and tell myself I really sort of need are wallets. Even though I already own many practical and stylish ones in several price leagues, there is always something lacking and/or annoying. Like the fact that the ever-growing number of plastic cards (and yes, I have evicted less frequently needed ones to a separate card-case long ago) I own turns the sleekest designer wallets into constipated monstrosities:
Hence the perfect excuse for the most recent addition to my wallet-collection of Imelda Marcos-esque proportions:
I'm happy to report it still looks nice and sleek after I filled all the card-slots. Bingo! And a steal at € 19,90 for a leather wallet.

I've actually bought it tonight on a little shopping expedition with a colleague. Not only because she has become a regular reader (one of a total of 2 or so) of this blog does she deserve a blog-name. Here goes - MC (short for Mon Chérie as we like to overdo one another with French terms of endearment occasionally). She has become my willing partner in crime for lunch-break (and now after-work) shopping expeditions and I am glad her booty was actually bigger than mine tonight. I quite like the occasional shopping-by-proxy experience to give the contents of my wallet a much needed breather...


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