Monday, March 13, 2023

All At Once

Workwise, this year got off to a slooow start and my calendar was surprisingly empty. Needless to say it was the calm before the storm and now I have several rather time-consuming and "high-profile" projects that demand my attention. In addition to that summer semester of my MBA programme is about to start with the usual pre-work and post-work to day and I still have not done anything by means of research for my thesis that I am supposed to submit in September. Ommmm. Oh, and we had a death in the family last week with the funeral taking place right in the middle of my MBA offsite, which will not only pose a logistical challenge for myself plus the threat of having to re-take this module at another location on another date, but also for my mother and other relatives who had counted on me hosting them in Vienna. Also, my non-injured knee is acting up after I went skiing on Saturday, which is obviously great timing, too. I'll just untangle all those loose ends one after the other...


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