Monday, November 07, 2022


So. I spent a night at a lovely hotel with a gourmet restaurant and a pool (outdoor, alas) at the weekend, but it was neither a romantic retreat with hubs, nor a girly weekend, either but the kick-off of my MBA programme. I got handed my student ID (LOL, makes me feel 22 again in a way) a huge pile of business books with titles that make my brain go numb and I already am in the middle of pre-work and post-work assignments, so there's really no going back now. Thankfully the crowd (5 out of 13 participants are actually colleagues of mine) is nice and it's a refreshing change of doing training with company people only, so all in all it's something to look forward to...minus all those lost weekends still about to happen, and I am not talking about the partying kind.


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