Monday, October 31, 2022

Small Town Girl(s)

The second half of last week I was in Klagenfurt. I didn't do all that much as I also combined it with 2 homeoffice days, but on Thursday after work I met a former team mate from my current job. She is Viennese, born and raised and had moved to Klagenfurt shortly after meeting her (Carinthian-based) partner online last spring. She's now hardly ever in her flat in Vienna that she purchased less than a year before and has become a true local in the Southern provincial capital, knowing way more bars and restaurants than I do. I'm sure that if anyone had asked her at the beginning of her dating journey if she was ready to move to a small town more than 300 kms from Vienna right after closing the deal on her new home she would have denied it...pretty much like I would never have imagined feeling so comfortable in a semi-detached house in the suburbs. Life's script has some surprising and strange chapters in store for you, but that's what's so exciting once you decide to go with the flow and embrace discovering new sides of yourself.


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