Monday, August 15, 2022


Last week I spent an entire afternoon with a school friend of mine who always makes me feel a bit embarrassed. She lives in Carinthia and is always extremely grateful and humble when I agree to spend time with her on one of my visits. She often tells me she didn't even dare ask if I could spare more than just one hour, because in her eyes I am this extremely busy person whose schedule is always full. I suppose it is to a point and I also often decline when I am in Carinthia for just the weekend and prioritise spending time with my parents, but I still find it strange that somebody makes you feel like a V.I.P. and gets overly enthusiastic when you find time for them. For me, it's pretty straightforward: I either have time (or rather: want to spend it with the person in question) or I don't and communicate my preference accordingly, but I don't tend to regard my own time as more "valuable" as somebody else's and vice versa.


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