Tuesday, April 15, 2008

working on the edge

Working on the 5th floor of an inner city building can be pretty interesting at times. Like, when a huge crane sways past your window, creating the impression of some creature extending its tentacles towards you. That crane, by the way, was dismantled last week and when we walked past the empty concrete platform it had rested on for months yesterday, a colleague wondered aloud how they were going to get it off the pavement. Today we found out the hard way - a pneumatic hammer provided the merciless and somewhat repetitive soundtrack of the day and a good reason to update our iTunes and YouTube playlists.
crane (onemorehandbag) It's the season of spring cleaning and hey, vertigo is, like SO overrated anyway:

working dangerously 1 (onemorehandbag) Why fork out the dough for a gym membership when you can go outdoor climbing on listed architecture, eh?

working dangerously 2 (onemorehandbag)


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