Saturday, February 09, 2008

Start spreading the news...

I'm not leaving today, but on Tuesday, for 6 days in New York!

I'm terribly excited as I haven't been there since...let me count...ooops, running out of fingers...1994! I've booked a hotel for the first two nights and will then move to l'Italiana's (yes, the very same friend who used to live in London).

Since I last saw her a little less than a year ago, she has got married to an American and is now pregnant. I've never met "the Mr." so am very curious. Apart from revisiting my favourite museums, lots of bargain (hopefully) shopping and working a day from the Firm's NYC branch (I struck a deal with my boss to save a day of my annual leave), I am looking forward to being filled in with all the news and gossip by l'Italiana and seeing her impressive 7-months-belly live. A 6 hour time-difference is not really conducive to regular coversations by phone or chat.

People's reactions seem to fall into two categories. It's either "Wow, I so want to go, too, what with the current exchange rate and all. Speaking of which, would you mind bringing me back an iPhone/a cashmere cardigan/Clinique products..." or "Really? I'm boycotting them as long as they want my finger prints."


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