Monday, September 30, 2019


I am not usually a forgetful or scatter-brained person at all. Unless that is, when I am extremely preoccupied with something, be it positive or negative. Last Monday, I shopped for some groceries at a supermarket on my way home and distributed the things I had bought between my handbag and the tote bag in which I carried my laptop. As I was repacking, I also put my key into my laptop bag. Once I got home, I dumped the laptop bag on the floor and reached for my handbag where my phone was. Only to find it was not there. As in: it was not in my flat. As in: I had left it behind either in the supermarket or the tram on my way home. P-A-N-I-C! My bag contained my money, cards, IDs, the cinema tickets for that night, my private and work phones, my ID card for name it. I felt sick. I tried to think about the past 10-15 minutes since I had left the supermarket. I remembered that I had not sat down in the tram (it is only two stops) so it was unlikely that I would have placed my shoulder bag on the floor. I must have left it in the supermarket checkout area. I grabbed my keys and literally ran back there. I don't run/jog for fun ever but adrenaline got me going and I arrived there panting in what felt like 3 minutes later. No bag. I approached the cashier and asked her. She reached behind her chair and handed me my bag, asking me if I wanted to check if everything was inside, which it was. I was incredibly thankful and relieved. Also, I spent the next 20 minutes coughing and with burning lungs. All of the things inside were only of material value and could easily have been replaced, but the inconvenience would have been such a pain. Cancelling all my bank cards, getting my cards reissued, filing a ticket for my work phone and ID and applying for new ones. Trying to think of a way to reach Highflyer with whom I had arranged to go to the cinema.
Eventually, it was a good lesson in being a bit a lot more present even if I'm still floating on Cloud Nine. Also - and this may well feel childish - I felt rewarded by Karma or whatever you want to call it for generally being a nice person.


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