Tuesday, July 10, 2012

International Goodie-Bags

"Hi" from Ljubljana (or rather: živijo). It's a quick visit this time and I arrived quite late last night. The taxi driver, who was 50+ and therefore not as good in English as the younger Slovenians all tend to be attempted to tell me that my hotel was not exactly central, despite me trying to tell him that I had stayed there before: "Plaza not city centre. But shopping centre." Yep, indeed. I knew I would probably not have much time for shopping excursion this time, but with the benefit of having checked out the surroundings and "shopportunities", all I wanted to do was head to Massimo Dutti and see if there was anything attractive to be had in the Sale. I really like MD and we don't have that in Austria, alas. Well, signs were beckoning already at the entrance (to "Emporium" the designer clothes mall that MD is part of):
As I'm in a massive "linen knits" phase at the moment, I bought a(nother) white linen cardigan, this one with interesting cotton lace detailing at the shoulders and a rose-coloured top with golden thread that they only had one last one in "L" and which I'm going to take in a the sides. I hardly ever buy things that need to be altered unless they are a real bargain and/or I love them. The sleeves of the top have the added bonus of covering the super-ugly operation scar (from when I had a malignant mole removed last September) that I am very self-conscious of as people automatically tend to stare at it, whether they ask me about it or not. Sometimes I just say "pub brawl" as the reason...
On Sunday, I got a heap of goodies that Amica had brought me back from her recent trip to Dublin. Yay! Magazine with a goodie! The backdrop is the surface of her new beautiful kitchen table in her new-and-improved weekend/summer home:


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