Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Pick-Me-Ups

On Wednesday, I met Mademoiselle for lunch. In true post-Nice-French-mood-style, we went to le Bol and actually managed to get a table (random piece of information - they have stopped taking reservations by phone, you need to physically go there to book a table...hmmm). As usual, I was in honey-glazed goat cheese seventh heaven:

My mood picked up further when I got this cute embroidered shoe-bag from Fragonard saying "ballerines en voyage": 

On the way back to the office...executed veeery slowly...I accidentally on purpase walked past the New One store (I only just realised they have a webstore as well and you can get my necklace online here) and tried on the rose-gold (plated) dainty necklace with star pendant I had admired in the window last week when walking past with Snow White. Well, what can I would have been rude not to, eh?
Happy (long) weekend everyone!


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