Tuesday, July 05, 2011

80s Disco

One of my UK glossy mags freebies was a full-size bottle of Leighton Denny nailpolish. I had never heard of the brand, but to be honest, I'm not all that impressed by its staying power so probably won't purchase it. Bazaar magazine had 3 shades on offer (or rather I remember seeing 3 on the racks of WH Smith) and I decided to go for the neon orange one. It's quite a cool colour in an 80s disco flashback way, but I think I try it on my toes where it is likely to chip less easily as well. This is what it looked like when I applied two coats on Sunday night: 

And this is the colour in broad daylight in my lunch-break on Monday, with noticeable chipping going on: 
I like the colour for its borderline "sluttiness", but it is definitely better suited to the beach than to the office.

When neon was all the rage in the 1980s, I decided to only "do" neon yellow and stay away from the other colours. My granny sewed me a chic grey tweed coat which I accessorised with a neon yellow scarf, hat and gloves. To top off the ensemble, I pestered my Mum to buy me a neon yellow umbrella (a huge one at that) in Italy. It was quite expensive and my Mum was reluctant to buy it, knowing that my "neon phase" would be shortlived, but I convinced her that it was a classic piece and I would love it forever. U-huh. A year later I despised all things neon and did not want to be seen dead with the umbrella. My Mum ended up wearing it herself to get some use out of it and rather than feeling guilty for being a fashion victim, I felt embarrassed on her behalf for wearing such an uncool umbrella. 

Now at least I pay for my fashion fickleness with my own money...


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