Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Hurry, No Worry

I came back on Sunday night and have just about managed to download and weed out my 500+ photos, but not had time for proper posts so far. Well, there is this thing called work.

In a nutshell, my holiday was great and the Channel Islands definitely lived up to my expectations. The picture above of the message left for me at the hotel on Saturday sums up the slower pace of life there perfectlys: It reads "Your pick up on Sunday will be @ 6:00 AM". When I read it, I was a bit worried in view of the fact that our flight left at 7 and expressed my concern to the receptionist. His reply: "No need to worry, the airport doesn't open until 6 and it only takes ten minutes to get there." Sick of having to be at the airport hours in advance before your flight? I highly recommend departing from St. Martin's Airport in Guernsey. I flew with the Channel Islands' own airline, Aurigny, by the way.


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