Tuesday, January 04, 2011


helmet (onemorehandbag)Yesterday, my second UVEX ski helmet arrived. Why would she need two of them, you might wonder. Well, this helmet completes the second set of ski gear that I have - one in VIE, one in KLU. I own everything twice now: skis, ski poles, ski outfit down to gloves and warm underwear, and now also helmets. It might sound extravagant and I realise it is quite decadent to own two sets, but was sick of plans of office ski trips and Sunday excursions to Semmering with friends not being put into action, which meant I had transported everything to Vienna in vain and would have to take everything back to KLU where I could rely on my Mum to go skiing with me. When one of my former bosses returned to Japan and gave me her set of skis for free this sort of started the idea. Several winter sales bargains later (I got the helmet for EUR 39 instead of the original 119) I now am the proud owner of two ski "collections" and the days of  trans-Austria tours with my ski stuff are a thing of the past.

By the way - I lovelovelove my ski helmet and think this is one of the greatest inventions of recent years. I was really anti-helmet and almost annoyed when my Mum insisted on getting me one for my birthday 2 years ago because she was so enthusiastic about hers, but I am a complete convert. They are absolutely NO impediment to hearing and much warmer than a woolly hat could possibly be because they shield your head from the wind so perfectly. Plus it's really convenient to be able to fix your goggles on the handy little contraption at the rear.


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