Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Film or Finger

Yesterday, my Mum and I went skiing to Verditz, a small "resort" with a charming retro feel and ex-tre-me-ly slow chair lifts. The upside is that even when the parking lot seems full, the slopes are empty and you have them to yourself. Not bad! I wanted to shoot some short videos with my phone, but it was so freezing, I was afraid my finger(s) would drop off instantly if I took off my gloves for longer than it takes to press the shutter for a photo. So, photos it is:

The slopes were crisp and crunchy rather than icy as we had feared and when you were lucky enough to catch a ray of sunlight, it felt almost warm. We had originally planned to go skiing on Monday, but when we watched the weather forecast on Sunday night and the weatherman mentioned that temperatures in the mountains were -13° which because of the wind "felt like -27° we though "umm, not really" and postponed skiing to Tuesday. 

When we were frozen semi-solid, we went to a cabin to warm ourselves with sausages and a (fancy looking, but artificial-tasting) fruit-infusion for lack of our usual hot lemonade: 

Tea Amo. I hope the creative agency got a big bonus for that...


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