Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project - Phase One

wardrobe (onemorehandbag)On Sunday, I completed phase one of the Semi-Annual Wardbobe Shift (SAWS). Coats, jackets and all kinds of tops as well as shoes/boots are ticked off my list (metaphorically speaking in reality I don't do lists. Ever) now. This means that summery items have been moved up on the wardbrobe shelves hierarchy or into storage units on top of the actual wardrobes and winter clothes/shoes have been unearthed from their storage place. Only skirts, trousers and dresses have yet to be subjected to the ceremony and I have a feeling it will be the weekend before I'll tackle Phase Two. It's a good opportunity to clear out stuff which I suspect I won't wear and which is not likely to come back into fashion in the next two decades or so.

If my two-tiered (there are two more piles behind the ones you can see) stash of tops doesn't look like much to you rest assured that I have just as much at my parents' place. Have I mentioned that I like clothes...and shopping?


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