Monday, August 24, 2009

If the KGB ever has a shortage of staff, I'd have some referrals

After having observed my self-imposed vow of silence on Saturday, I felt considerably better yesterday and undertook my Grand Tour de Burgenland (visiting first my relatives and then Amica and family in their new weekend house in opposite parts of the provice) according to plan.
At Amica's, I had just got the imperial tour of garden and house and handed over my offerings to the kids, and was now sitting in the kitchen, watching her cut a zucchini cake into slices. On the opposite side of the kitchen table, the Kindergarten Inquisition had taken their seats. "Do you have children?", Twin A asked me. "No", I replied truthfully. "Do you have a husband?" When I answered in the negative again, his elder brother casually remarked, that C., a mutual friend did not have a wife, either, I tried to cloak my personal view that this was not without a reason in a child-friendly reply. "Do you have a coffee machine?", Twin B piped in and I was glad that there was one question could reply "yes"to.


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