Thursday, August 13, 2009

Me and Mrs. Jones

You didn't think I'd return to Vienna with no purchases whatsoever, now did you?
long cardigan from Jones (onemorehandbag)On Monday, I went into a Jones store. Now this is a brand I'm not too enthusiastic about because most collections are a bit boring and shout "business-woman-who-wants-to-show-she-reads-fashion-magazines-too" to me. Then again, it's quite an Austrian success story and since there was an "up to 70% off" sign in the window, I walked in. As I perused what little was left from the merchandise on sale, a rasperry red long cardigan (or, arguably, knitted coat) caught my attention as this is a colour I really like. They only had size 34 (I'm a 36 usually) left which fit perfectly from my waist upwards, but made me look like a sausage bum-downwards if I closed all the buttons and wore it over jeans, which I intended to do. The shop assistant advised to try their other branch in the mall. As I had nothing urgent to do I strolled over to City Arkaden and went on the search for the Jones branch which had until then completely escaped my attention. Bingo, they had a cardigan left in 38. This time, the fit was perfect from the waist down but I'd prefer it a bit tighter around the shoulders. Ah well, for such an irresistable price (25 instead of 109 EUR) it was a great deal nonetheless. The shop assistant saw my critical eye and plucking of the fabric and decided I needed some expert advice: "This is supposed to be a little loose here - it's the boyfriend look, you know." Hm, as far as I know the boyfriend look is supposed to be loose all over, not just in certain spots, but I didn't want to question her insider's knowledge.


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