Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Today I visited my old hunting grounds in my lunch-hour. After a quick detour through Naschmarkt where I grabbed a bunch of presumably happy free-range rocket leaves, I was strolling up Schleifmühlgasse towards Bobby's, the British supermarket (a bad case of salt and vinegar crisp cravings, PMS has a lot to answer for) discovering a lovely shop which despite its name not only sells whisk(e)y, but an impressive selection of chocolate and teas and herbal infusions from the UK as well when
oooops, what was THAT? from afar (onemorehandbag) A shop decorated with strange blue and white *things* all over!

a bit closer (onemorehandbag) Aaaaah. Trusty old BIC biros have obviously been put to good use.

It's some cool art project but I forgot to write down (alternatively just REMEMBER) the artist's name.

Speaking of cool - we were put out of our misery in the office today. No, no superiors were assassinated, just the air conditioning unit was installed at last. It's called Alaska and according to the landlord has the capacity to chill up to 100m² (our room is less than half that size) so our expectations were considerably high. After having it on for half an hour we agreed that a) it would give an airbus a run for its money, noise-wise and b) it was Alaskan indeed even if we set it to 25°. I came up with a brilliant idea: leave it on when we're out for lunch, switch it off when we're in


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