Monday, July 18, 2022

Mission(s) Accomplished


Last week held several surprises, who of which brought me a lot of joy. One was the completely unexpected gift I received from Highflyer: one of the much sought-after Moon (S)watches, i.e. the limited edition collaboration of Omega and Swatch. You cannot buy these online, but only in selected flagship stores and I had asked at the 2 Vienna stores that get stocked regularly (but where you cannot preorder or learn when exactly a new shipment is expeted) probably 10 times in total, with no success. When Highflyer came back from a nightstop in Berlin with this watch that was actually one of my favourites of the collection I was very happy. Not only because of the fact that I am now the proud owner of this item, but that he went to the trouble to look for it and had remembered that I wanted this in the first place.
The second "big event" was the fact that we went to see the Rolling Stones live in Vienna on Friday night, having decided to go and buy a ticket only 2 days before. Well, Highflyer had been eager to go and mentioned it to me weeks ago, but I assumed he would end up going with one of his siblings or a friend and signalled that I was not overly keen myself. I mean, I'm not exactly their fan and was surprised that they were still alive, even more so on a tour of Europe once more. In the end, I was really glad I went because it was a wonderful concert and it was truly impressive in what a great shape Mick Jaggers voice and dance moves still are given that the man is turning 79 next week. It was a special evening not only music-wise, but also an exhilarating feeling to be in a stadium with 56.000 people after years of not having had this opportunity. Whether one of those gave us the gift of BA.5 remains to be seen, but even if that should be the case, I'm inclined to say it was worth it.


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