Monday, May 17, 2021

Somebody Else's Life


Last year, I ordered my first ever photo book (as a Christmas present for Highflyer). I wanted to document this crazy past spring for us. It came out really well and I get pretty nostalgic every time I look at it. Even more than "nostalgic" it feels utterly unreal that with the exception of 3 (half) days I have worked from home for 14 months and spent most of my time in a small village in Lower Austria. Like, how did that even happen?! And no, this is not an actual question since I am well aware of what caused this change in circumstances not just for myself, but for so many people. I often feel that it was a little more extreme in my case, though than for many others (thankfully in an entirely positive sense as losing your job or even worse, loved ones as a direct effect of the Pandemic is of course a WAY more drastic change in circumstances!) as I (temporarily) relocated, changed so many things in this house and (re)discovered new hobbies. Okay, the latter probably holds true for a lot of people. I have always been an avid photographer, which is why Instagram holds such an appeal to me. The last 14 months were no exception and I have taken many photos of pretty mundane activities and "events" and when I scroll through my camera roll on my phone I sometimes feel that those photos between March 2020 and now which I of course clearly remember are documents of another life, or even more so, somebody else's life...


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