Monday, May 10, 2021

In Permanent Rotation

In view of the name of this blog it's ironic that I've been wearing pretty much the same bag(s) for months. Not very surprisingly, my lifestyle has changed A LOT since Lockdown Nr. 1 back in March 2020. Other than regular day trips to Vienna that almost feel like mini breaks and short holidays in Klagenfurt that definitely feel like exotic vacations, the weekly grocery haul is pretty much the only use-case for a handbag and I've had these practical Longchamp bags on permanent rotation. I bought the red one on my only trip abroad last summer, when I spent a few days in Nice and treated myself to the blue one for my birthday. I'm still not adverse to beautiful things, but when you don't regularly browse things in stores or kill time at airports where you feel justified to spend a little more "Monopoly money" (in case you did not know, money spent on vacation does not count) you don't feel as much need to have the latest it-piece. That's not to say the local parcel delivery people have not come to know me during the past few months thanks to my online shopping habit, but I've become a basic b**** here in my suburban home office and I'll readily admit that getting an opportunity to give some of my finer items of clothing and accessories a long overdue airing might the the only reason that makes me look forward to working from a "real" office again. 


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