Monday, May 24, 2021

Finish Line?


I am currently in Klagenfurt and happy that my parents got their second Covid-19 vaccine last Saturday (with no noticeable side effects, by the way). I'm eagerly awaiting my own first shot, not only because 3 weeks after that I won't need to get tested for pretty much every thing apart from shopping and museum visits. This year, you even need to show proof of vaccination, test or recovery for visiting my beloved Strandbad. I am very happy that there is a general air of optimism and it's possible to meet up with friends and family again. I am not so happy that there is an - in my opinion - unjustified URGE to get people back to the office and I have been asked to facilitate (and attend) a gazillion of in-person workshops in June. What's the rush all of a sudden? Can't we wait until everybody (insert raising-hand-emoji here) has had a chance to get at least their first vaccine before we herd people together and risk a new escalation of "the situation" that means the end of fun and games for everybody? It feels like we're close to a finish line of sorts, but many people are throwing out reason and don't follow their own guidelines and it exasperates me.


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