Monday, March 29, 2021

Memorable. Or Maybe Not.

Last week I sent a friend a birthday present by post. For the second time. It was also Highflyer's birthday yesterday, the second in a row when the only option we had was to celebrate it at home. Last March, when I had no idea that my birthday 10 months later would happen during a lockdown, least of all his next one, it seemed a very "unique" and "memorable" experience that he could tell his grandchildren about (provided his children will produce any). 
I even ordered the first ever photo book of my life last summer and entitled it Lockdown Memories. It was a Christmas present for Highflyer (and yes, I am THAT annoying person who is super organised with her presents and has them months in advance) and by the time I selected the best photos of Spring 2020 I had no idea what Winter 2020 would look like. It still turned out really well and I get pretty nostalgic looking at it. But still, Hello, Groundhog Day! I guess there should be a saying along the likes of "Be careful what you consider memorable"...


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