Sunday, November 27, 2005

Finishing touches

Today's the first Advent Sunday. Like every year, I bought a cheap decorated wreath with the intention to revamp it a bit. This is the Advent wreath pre retailtherapist-makeover: And this is what it looks like now:

Yeah, right, I admit it's kitschy. But kitschy in a nice way. Kitsch is mandatory at Christmas time after all.

Sunday-purchases: With my favourite cousin in tow, Turkish Delight and I visited the "Julbasar" (Christmas market) organised by the Swedish church in Vienna. I bought some Swedish chocolate bars and a little shot glass decorated with an elk for a friend who collects them. Elks of all sizes, not shot glasses.

Speaking of Advent wreaths - there was also a traditional Lucia-procession with the girl representing St. Lucia wearing a kind of Advent-wreath-crown (with 5 candles) on her head. We hoped for her that she didn't get burnt by hot wax dripping onto her blonde locks...


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