Monday, March 27, 2023

Some Things Never Change

Last week I really wasn't feeling too great (basically I felt a mean cold coming on and did my best to fight the symptoms). In other words, the ideal home office scenario, if not an excuse for taking a sick day or too, which, truth be told, I have not ever done in the past almost 6 years I have worked for my company. However, I had committed to facilitating workshops on two days running and knew that there was no backup for me. Sooo, I pulled myself together and went to the office to do my thing, just like in the old days. Obviously, if it had been Covid (took a total of 6 home antigen tests) I would stayed at home and some kind of Plan B would have been found, but as I knew from past experience that I can function if I must, I did. Somehow I had thought that showing up at work sick was a thing of the pre-Pandemic past, but this was only true as long as people still panicked if someone near them sneezed or coughed. I guess it's a sign that we're REALLY back to (almost) normal now.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Light: ON

Last week was intense and this week is going to be busy, too, work-wise, but all in all, it's looking rosey and I'm in the best of spring moods. The days are getting longer and extra daylight, for me, is the ultimate energy boost. There are several events and occasions to look forward to and the handful of work and study deadlines looming over me don't feel that suffocating any more...

Monday, March 13, 2023

All At Once

Workwise, this year got off to a slooow start and my calendar was surprisingly empty. Needless to say it was the calm before the storm and now I have several rather time-consuming and "high-profile" projects that demand my attention. In addition to that summer semester of my MBA programme is about to start with the usual pre-work and post-work to day and I still have not done anything by means of research for my thesis that I am supposed to submit in September. Ommmm. Oh, and we had a death in the family last week with the funeral taking place right in the middle of my MBA offsite, which will not only pose a logistical challenge for myself plus the threat of having to re-take this module at another location on another date, but also for my mother and other relatives who had counted on me hosting them in Vienna. Also, my non-injured knee is acting up after I went skiing on Saturday, which is obviously great timing, too. I'll just untangle all those loose ends one after the other...

Monday, March 06, 2023



While my gardening approach can be summarised as "anarchic" and I don't have big ambitions in my super tiny plot or rather strip of designated garden area, I was truly delighted to see that the parsley had made a reappearance after the cold winter months. Nothing I can attribute to any green thumb or gardening skills of mine, but very gratifying nonetheless. 
Also, I had a different friend sleep over at the country house on both of the past two weekends for some girls' quality time while Highflyer was away and it made me really happy that they enjoyed it and said that it felt like a mini break. Life in suburbia really is not the worst if you make it a place you enjoy being.

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