Monday, September 12, 2022

Biz Tripper


For me, the biggest perk of my last 2 roles at the Firm was the frequent travelling. I frickin' loved it and dearly missed it once I had started at Household Name and it dawned on me that the days of collecting hotel reward points and racking up miles on company time were over. Well, I now have a few business trips (national ones where I travel by car or train) coming up and a tiny bit of that old excitement is coming back. At least I get to write hotel reviews on TripAdvisor (a little "hobby" of mine) regardless of how exotic the location might be, righ? In this post (?) Pandemic world Spring and Summer have become the peak seasons for team offsites and as I frequently facilitate or speak at such events it means that I get to travel a bit. Meanwhile, I am also counting the days to our honeymoon proper that will involve flights and a ferry-ride...


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