Monday, November 08, 2021

We're Getting There

It's getting cold and Covid infections in Austria are rising to a very unpleasant peak. Unlike many people among my friends and family I never actually thought that getting vaccinated meant the end of this pandemic and therefore am not really surprised about the current situation. It seems like a long and exhausting hike more than ever, with the summit in sight and yet some new obstacles always obstructing the path. It sucks, but for some reason I am confident and not in panic mode. At least some of the stubborn anti-vaxxers are trotting to their nearest vaccination centres now that they will be excluded from a lot of social and other activities. There's no point on berating the fact that these measures might be too little too late. At least they have some impact now and I'll gladly take that. As somebody who likes walking uphill and prefers to take the stairs to elevators, always, I'll just walk on and hope we'll reach some kind of nice observation plateau, if not the actual summit.


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