Monday, June 07, 2021


On Saturday, I visited a restaurant AND a café together with 2 of Highflyer's (fully vaccinated) elder sisters who were visiting. It felt unreal after about 9 months or so of not having been able to visit any of those establishments. Also, having house guests felt like a remnant from another world. Highflyer's teenage sons were staying last week as well. The last time they (who live in Germany with their mother) visited was after Christmas when they had to self-isolate for 5 days in his house before they could break quarantine after a negative Covid test and take the train to Innsbruck for our joint skiing holiday.
I am also meeting a group of friends for dinner on Wednesday night and it feels almost decadent to be able to socialise in a proper way, rather than going for endless walks with a coffee-to-go and no opportunity to use a toilet when you need to.
Truth be told, I have not missed the actual food part that much since cooking and baking has been my primary creative outlet for the past months, but it's nice to eat some things (like fried food) that I won't or can't cook myself. I never ordered any takeout other than an occasional pizza since I a) hate all the packaging that comes with it and b) don't really like the condition the food is in, mostly.
Spontaneously meeting friends for dinner or an ice-cream in town after work is something I used to do a lot and which feels like a habit from another world. I am definitely looking forward to slipping back into my city-girl costume once I am fully vaccinated (so far, one dose with no noticeable reactions or side effects) myself and will be back in the office parts of the week.


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