Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shrinks would have a field day

I've always prided myself of the ability to fall asleep in a matter of nanoseconds and enjoy a sound and dreamless sleep. I still fall asleep instantly, but recently, I've dreamed a caleidoscope of bizarre dreams of which I only remember snippets upon waking up. Last weekend when I was at my parents' I dreamt that I gave birth (who the father was remains a big question mark, he didn't figure in the dream) to a girl whom I named Jasmin. She was then given up for adoption in Ireland and renamed Roísín. In my dream, I was equally annoyed about the name as I was about the adoption itself. Not that I would ever consider calling a child Jasmin "in real life", either. In my defense, I had just finished a) a book set in Ireland and b) another one where adoption was the central theme.


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