Monday, September 18, 2023

Roll, Baby, Roll or Ode to a Suitcase

These past two weekends I was away with my trusty little hand-luggage-approved Rimowa suitcase. It's weird how this lightweight travel companion gives me an instant endorphin rush. It is so practical as it fits more than you would assume from its size, glides on pavement like a dream and you can sit your bag (with laptop in it or not, it will be heavy in any case) on it to relieve your shoulders. There are so many happy memories I associate with it, both from business trips and private adventures. During Covid lockdowns it didn't get much airtime so walking to train stations or through airports with it is associated with freedom and fun times. It has two older and bigger siblings that I use for longer trips and we've been travelling together for over six and a half years now. Here's to many more lightweight and lighthearted journeys together!


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