Monday, February 19, 2024


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Monday, February 12, 2024

Blessing in Disguise

I had been looking forward to last weekend, getting Highflyer to request time off work well in advance. We were going to spend it at my parents', going skiing (both of us had got a ski pass for Christmas for my staple Carinthian ski resort), eating cake on the occasion of my recent birthday, etc. Well, then I noticed a certain, very familiar "off" feeling at the back of my throat as I was out for dinner with friends on Thursday night and immediately took an antigen Covid test when I got home that came up with a faint pink test line. Bingo. I took another test on Friday morning when I already had a full-on throat ache and yep, there was no denying it. All winter I had joked that I felt like a scorpion or cockroach, being the only person who did not fall sick before Christmas when everyone in the office came down with the flu or Covid. It was just bad timing as we were all set to go, my Mum had prepared everything and the weather was picture-perfect. Bummer. Then I saw the positive side. What, if I had only realised I was sick when I was already there, had kissed my parents "hello" and passed the virus on to them. My dad, who is turning 80 this year, has a severe chronic illness and so far - at least as far as we know of - managed to avoid the virus, so I really would have beaten myself up if this had been the case, regardless of the outcome. Neither the mountains nor the cake or my presents are running away so it's just a matter of postponing something nice and I am very grateful I only had a sore throat and runny nose, but no other symptoms.

Monday, February 05, 2024



Last week was my 52nd birthday. Among the gazillion of wishes I received that day, I got a particularly heartwarming one by one of our team's interns, whom I hang out a lot with when we're in the office together. She's 26 and it reminded me that I was an extremely prejudiced brat when I was her age and genuinely found it weird to socialise with people twice your age as I had an image of them being half-dead and super boring. Well, some of them probably were, but my own Mum is the best example that age is just a number and you can be full of ideas and projects, no matter how old you are. When I started at my first job there were two colleagues who I am still in wishing-one-another-a-happy-birthday touch with. One of them is two years older than me, the other about 13 or so. I liked them both and got to know them really well over the 9 years I worked there, but naturally gravitated more towards the younger one, who was closer to my age and in a similar situation in life (recently graduated from university, lived in Vienna and had a boyfriend) than the older one who was married with two teenagers, commuting from rather far away by car and train as she and her husband had built a house in the village she was born. For me it was like a fascinating "study project" to see that they were friends just like anybody of the same age group. I remember that years she quoted her new boyfriend as saying he just realised that the other colleague was almost a generation older and felt a bit relieved that it apparently was not just me.
Well, since then I've come a long way and made friends with people beyond my age cohort in both directions, including "dating" somebody considerably older than me for a while. I still admire these Gen Zers in the workplace who treat the old farts like one of their own. Well, coming to think of it, maybe this privilege is extended only to those who treat them as equals in the first place...

Monday, January 29, 2024



If I have one New Year's resolution it is to use up things I have (if that is even possible) before I buy new sh**. This applies particularly to cosmetics and makeup where my stock could easily supply the cosmetics department of a small town department store. Pictured above is about 40% of my nailpolish collection...and I have pretty much as many eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes etc. Somehow good bargains always seem to find me and %%% off sale promises by retailers are often hard to resist. This year will be the year of not ordering things I don't really need (20 almost identical versions of). I am a rather organised person and do sort out things, giving clothes I have "grown out of" or don't like anymore and don't see vintage potential in pretty easily and unsentimentally, but still I am sometimes a little disgusted by all the STUFF I own even though I used to be much worse when worked in the city centre and did a lot of casual shopping in my lunch-break. Let's see how it will go with the good intentions.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Say Cheeze

Highflyer has many qualities. Being organised and tidy is not quite on the top of the list and so I sometimes make, um, helpful suggestions on how he could organise things. Recently I encouraged him to put Christmas and birthday cards he wanted to keep into a nice box one of his Christmas presents came in. As the cards in questions were mainly from me, he spent some time on a trip down memory lane by reading them all before he put them into the box. He passed some to me to read and to be honest I had forgotten some of the (nice) things I had written in the early days in particular. Well, it's not as if we've known one another for decades, but time flies, as they say and so I was surprised by the degree of cheesiness of some of the things I had written. In a good way. All those BIG words still hold true even if I have toned it down a little since then as can be expected with an OLD MARRIED COUPLE. I still feel all the cheesy feelings and still count myself so incredibly lucky that we crossed paths that late in life when we both knew (to a good part thanks to trial and error in the past) exactly what we wanted and what not in a relationship and had matured enough to appreciate a drama-free straightforward good thing when it presented itself...

Monday, January 15, 2024



While some passions of mine have been short-lived and are testament to my impatient nature and short attention span, bread-making (as is baking in general) is something I really enjoy. It's a skill I have perfected in the past almost four years to the point where no bread is like the previous one and I love experimenting with different types of flours and various add-ins. I know my standard recipe by heart and feel really confident in the magic of my sourdough that has been going strong since 2020.  It really is incredibly satisfying to create something with your hands, possibly even more so for people like me who earn their money in an office-job, doing a lot of abstract work. Highflyer is my best "customer", screaming with delight at the sight of fresh bread, which does not hurt either.

Monday, January 08, 2024

Temporary Family Person

I spent the second half of my Christmas break in Innsbruck as I have done the past 4 years. Before, I never wanted to "waste" my precious annual leave on the typically very slow first week of the new year when many people are still off and business has not really jumped into gear. After meeting my favourite Tyrolean aka Highflyer things changed and I now spend New Years Eve and the days following it with him and his teenage sons and it has become a fun tradition. A few months ago, a friend told me she "admired" me for managing this temporary "stepmum" situation so well, but it really could not be easier and his sons (as is his daughter who lives in Vienna) are lovely and easy to get along with so it really is a win-win-situation for me and I see myself as a kind of cool (hopefully) aunt rather than a mother figure in their lives anyway. The three men are all way sportier than I am and so I chose which activities to participate in with them and when to do my own thing like spend half a day downtown on my own while they are on the slopes or in a swimming pool with crazy slides all day. One of his sons is as messy and forgetful as his father and I'd lie if I said I didn't look forward to my comparatively clean and tidy everyday existence with Highflyer in suburbia or on my own in my flat in Vienna once we go our separate ways again, but I do enjoy family life in small doses.

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