Monday, April 08, 2024


Last week I got the grade for my thesis, which was the equivalent of an "A" of the British/American score. Pleasant enough (in particular for the minimal effort I had invested, ahem), but I really had not been biting my nails with anxiety beforehand. What was a great relief, however, was good news after the final of a series of medical tests. I had been pretty concerned for a  month or so and just felt a great sense of relief and gratitude that I can now fully enjoy the new chapter that is beginning in less than a month: all done with my MBA with 3-day weekends every week with time to explore, travel, indulge in my favourite pastimes and so much more. Life is sweet and I'm here for it!

Monday, April 01, 2024

Best Before

 When I was young(ish) and foolish, I was very invested in a "project" to convince somebody that I was indeed the One for him. Well, in fact he repeatedly told me that I was no less than the love of his life, but still refused to leave his long-term partner that he had a long-distance relationship with at the time, arguing that I(!) would definitely leave him sooner rather than later and he would regret his decision, so he decided to stay put where he was, causing me quite a bit of frustration and exasperation. 

Well, in retrospect I should of course have said "good riddance" and "next!" the first time I was exposed to this theory of his and not try to argue and pitch my virtues, but somehow it was a challenge and I wouldn't give up easily, Did I mention that I was foolish? What infuriated me most was the fact that he had what he thought was a logical explanation why I (the younger one in this "situationship") would definitely leave him soon: he argued that it was a widely known "fact" that the initial rose-tinted phase of infatuation did not last longer than one year maximum and after that, in cold daylight so to speak, people fell out of love as would I, no doubt.

Every time I catch myself looking at Highflyer now, feeling a rush of both gratitude and giddy love that has not cooled down much, really, since when we first met, I am reminded that in our 5th year we have waaay outlived that silly alleged expiration date and I have to say it amuses me quite a bit. Plus, I do like to win arguments, even if we still don't know if indeed I would have fallen out of love with that other person regardless of his theory...

Monday, March 25, 2024


Last Saturday as the weather was mild, I got a little carried away and bought herbs, lettuce, 6 different varieties of tomatoes and red pepper that I planted in the garden the following day. Well, as so often my impatience paired with optimism laughed me in my face 3 days later morning frost turned them into green ice-sculptures and less than half of what you can see in the photo survived. I was ready to do it all over again this past weekend, but then exercised restraint and told myself to wait until after Easter in order to prevent another unceremonious abortion of my overzealous gardening ambitions. Has this happened before, possibly last year? Yes. Will it happen again? Very likely.

Monday, March 18, 2024

And Just Like That...


...I wrote almost 20.000 words and submitted my master thesis 10 days before the deadline. Whoop, whoop. Interestingly, it didn't really feel like a very taxing project at all and I have to say I enjoyed the process. Unlike my first thesis, back in the 1990s, little AI-helpers (hello, automatic transcription of audio files!) made life SO much easier and not having to physically go to your academic supervisor's office during their office hours but write them an informal e-mail and receive feedback within 24 hours also helped immensely and made the whole experience so much less frustrating and faster. Now I only have to tick off my final presentation/defensio if our chaotic contact at our alma mater ever communicates the time slots and then I'll be able to say I "collected" another academic title in my 50s, LOL. 

Monday, March 11, 2024


Last week I submitted my request form to switch to a 4-day work week starting with May. This means that I will have Fridays off and be able to enjoy 3-day weekends EVERY week. Whoop, whoop. I am really excited and it did not take me long to make up my mind when my company offered this to all its employees about a month ago. The deals is that you have to commit to working either 32 or 36 (which I took) hours/week on 4 days for at least two years if you want to get a onetime "reward" payment. The latter (even though rather generous) was not my main motivation, but rather I had found this model attractive for quite some time. Postponing things for when you're retired really is not the wisest choice f because you never know if you'll get to experience old age healthy and mentally sound as well as financially independent. I'd rather enjoy life as much as I can in the present before bookmarking it for the future. So here's to change and long weekends!

Monday, March 04, 2024


A few weeks ago I caught myself thinking "I feel SO happy and content with my life right now, it almost feels too good to be true. Am I going to be "punished" for even thinking that alound?" Not long after that I was dealt the answer in the shape of a somewhat rude awakening (see previous post for more context, among other things) that you could...possibly...if you are superstitious...which I am actually not that much...interpret as a "YES, stupid, well you did ask!"  
It's interesting though, how we often tend to get suspicious if we feel we are consuming more than our allotted "fair share" of luck or happiness when in fact we ALL (well, not those nasty dictators or other horrible persons, obviously) deserve it in bottomless-brunch-quantities.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Not all Fun & Games


Last weekend Highflier and I finally went to my hometown, two weeks later than originally planned due to me getting Covid the week of my birthday. It was coincidence that Highflier could join after all, which seemed like the icing on the cake.While it was great to see my parents and also get the chance to do a bit of (almost water) skiing, it was also really depressing as my father's health had deteriorated since I last saw them around Christmas time and on top of that he was in an extremely deflated, anxious "endgame" mood, making it difficult to cheer him up and let him consider different options to alleviate the situation. Being an only child to ageing parents (my Dad is turning 80 later this year) who live 300+ kilometres away and - same as me, vice versa - tend to keep bad news from me until the moment when they have to involve me is the material for a hefty dose of anxiety every now and then. I mostly manage to remain positive and not let my vivid imagination get the better of me, but sometimes I do wish everyone could just be healthy and happy ALL the time, pretty please.

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