Monday, October 03, 2022

Stinky Tamagotchi

We left for our honeymoon (yaaay!) on Saturday and in addition to watering the plants and doing all the other pre-vacation chores, I also made sure to "activate" my sourdough and bake bread before we left. Like a tamagotchi (gen x-ers or older millennials will remember those) with a pungent smell my sourdough starter demands to be fed every few weeks. I've had it for over two years now, since when I started baking sourdough bread during lockdown like the rest of the world. It's so perfect now that I experimented by halving my usual recipe (i.e. only using 250g of flour instead of 500) which yields almost the same size bread that I used to get with double the ingredients before. My sourdough starter also travelled to Carinthia with me in August as it did on previous longer holidays. It's like a pet at this stage, but I did stop at taking it along on honeymoon. ;-)


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